The most exquisite meat for the industry

We, De Koning Vlees (literally translated as “The King of Meat”), produce high quality custom made meat products.

We are a family business, started as a butchery in 1910 , founded by Mr. Jacob de Koning.

After World War II our company experienced rapid growth through the emerging number of supermarkets. After 1985, this market encountered many changes and from this moment on, we started focusing ourselves on the market of meal manufacturers, pizza manufacturers, soup manufacturers, catering , restaurants, meal-and preserved food to provide the meat componant.

We still serve this market today…

Our meat products meet the highest quality standards and are the best choice for your soups, salads, pizzas and meals. We are at the top of our market and are expanding abroad rapidly..

Let’s get in touch and discuss opportunities together!

We can produce custom made products and will partner with you in order to come up with the best product possible.

A few examples of products we are currently producing: …

Soup and meatballs

Determine the type of meat, weight, measurements, shape, taste, color, floating or sinking, you name it..

Bacon or ham; cubes and strips

The cubes and strips remain separated in the packaging and can also be delivered frozen.


De Koning Vlees delivers a broad assortment with delicious Pizzatoppings. Do you have any specific wishes? Please let us know…


Determine your own kind of taste, fried or pre-cooked..

Curious to see what added value we can bring to your company? Please contact us!

For all companies:

+31 (0)78 629 1850